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The AFF’ Race: One Month Down, Two To Go!

If you’re acquainted with the AFF’ Race, then maybe you already know that April marked not only the first month of Spring but also the first month of its second edition! If you are not, then you might be stuck wondering what the AFF’ Race is. Worry not, we’ll catch you up:

The AFF’ Race is a quarterly competition amongst affiliates in which the registered contestants lace up their metaphorical running shoes, and give their best on the metaphorical running track to compete for a series of great prizes, including a VIP trip to Barcelona. The point of the AFF’ Race is to advance as many Km as possible which are accumulated on the basis of the following 4 main criteria which you can read all about and in great detail over here.

But as a recap, the best way to gather as many Km as possible is to: guarantee top exposure for our brands on their acquisition channels, increase the number of FTD each month, maintain a good communication flow with us and share our casino’s promos.

All of these are evaluated and converted into Km which decide the runner’s positions.

The 2nd AFF’ Race ends the same day June does and we’re quite excited to see what happens next. A lot of questions arise! Will there be any surprises next month? Will some affiliates who are running a bit behind be able to catch up? Will the leading runners be able to maintain their place? Who knows?! It all depends on how determined contestants are throughout the following ⅔ that remain. In the end, it’s not only about speed but mostly endurance.

If you want to read further details about the 2nd edition of the AFF’ Race such as prizes, dates and the evaluation process, head over here; if on the other hand you’re a curious George and want to see who’s leading the race and how many Km contestants have accumulated so far, then head over to our AFF’ Race Leaderboard.

We’re suckers for adrenaline and good sportsmanship over here at Alea Affiliates, and we know our affiliates are too.

So long live new challenges and may the most hardworking affiliates win. If you think you would have gotten a kick out of participating, don’t worry, there will most likely be a third!

Please contact us if you have any questions about the SlotsMillion affiliate program.

the aff' team.

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