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AFF’ Race Winner & Wife Enjoyed Their VIP Trip To BCN

During the second quarter of this year, we carried out the second edition of the AFF’ Race, a quarterly competition in which affiliates take part in a metaphorical race towards a series of great prizes. Affiliates’ performance throughout the race is determined by 4 main criteria that revolve around increasing their overall monthly numbers. In the end, the results are tallied up to select 3 main winners: 2nd place and 3rd place won different tech gear, while 1st place won a VIP to come to Barcelona for a long weekend to get to know our offices, have some quick meetings and enjoy part of what this beautiful city has to offer.

Last Thursday 20th of September, participant Diamond Dave, flew in accompanied by his wife to enjoy a long weekend of Barcelona adventures. During that particular weekend, the city was celebrating La Mercè, one of the most traditional holidays of the region, in which the city lights up with fireworks and special events to honor the Virgin of Mercy.

It is one of the most celebrated holidays in Catalunya and a perfect time to be in town to check it out.

They arrived on Thursday and spent the day relaxing and walking around.


On Friday morning, they stopped by one of our Barcelona offices sporting a cheery smile to get to know the rest of the team and office. Shortly after, we walked a couple of blocks towards or other Barcelona office, the VR office, where Thibault, VR product owner, showed them both the latest of SlotsMillion VR Social Casino.

After a while trying it out, there was something VR hasn’t yet figured out how to solve: being hungry. It was officially time for lunch! We all headed towards the beach, to enjoy some Mojitos, wine and an incredible traditional Spanish lunch by the coast.

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After dessert and the respective table-talk, the team parted ways with them to let them do their thing and continue exploring the Barceloneta promenade.


Sunday was spent in traditional Catalan form: watching the FC Barcelona play against the Girona team! Thomas met up with them at Camp Nou stadium and they all enjoyed watching the game. Even though the game ended in a tie; in the words of Diamond Dave: “watching the greatest football player in the world score (-aka- Lionel Messi) makes everything worthwhile”.

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Monday was the day of their departure. We followed up with them to see how else they had enjoyed their time here and we must say they managed to do a lot in 4 days! Tasty paella, a traditional football match, wine, shopping, fireworks at the beach, enjoying the views of the city from Mirablau Bar and Restaurant. All in all, we highly appreciated their visit and we hope they did too!

Stay tuned to sign up for our next AFF’ Race next year, and maybe we’ll be meeting you this time!

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