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8 Tips For Picking The Best Casino Affiliate Program

According to Grand View Research, the global online gambling market was valued at USD 53.7 billion in 2019 and will grow by 11.5% annually from 2020 to 2027.


In summary, gambling is big business, and it’s only getting bigger!


Affiliates heavily promote online casinos. It’s a highly competitive yet massively valuable niche for affiliates.


So it’s no surprise that AskGamblers lists over 1000 casino affiliate programs and over 1800 casinos, however for the average affiliate, you’ll need to select just a handful of casinos.


But with such a large number of casino affiliate programs, how do you decide which to promote?


If you’re serious about becoming a casino affiliate, then you need to do your research first.

Here's our top tips on how to pick the best casino affiliate program

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A bigger commission doesn't always mean better

Let’s start with the one thing most affiliates are interested in – and that’s money.

How much money you can make from a casino affiliate program will most likely be one of the top reasons for joining a program. And in the world of casino affiliate marketing, the commission can be some of the highest of any niche!

But don’t only work with affiliate programs because they promise to pay you a high commission. You must ensure that the program delivers on customer service, marketing materials, conversion performance and more.

Casino affiliate programs typically offer three commission models:

Some programs may offer just one, while others – such as the SlotsMillion affiliate program provides all three with a 45% revenue share or an impressive CPA.

Working with a casino affiliate program with various commission models allows you to tailor your marketing efforts to focus on your strengths and determine how you will promote your partners through your casino affiliate website.

💡 Learn more about SlotsMillion Affiliates commission.


Ensure payments are prompt

Great commission is only great when the money is in your bank account, so you must ensure that the program you’re working with has a speedy payment window.

There are hundreds of casino affiliate programs out there, each with varying payment timeframes – some up to 45 days – which is just far too long!

When you become a SlotsMillion Affiliate, you’ll receive your commission payment within ten working days from the beginning of the month.

That’s one of the fastest in the industry!

Understand which countries you'll be able to promote to

Every online casino holds different gambling licences, and these licenses determine from which countries new players are allowed to join.


Understanding where you can promote the casino is important for two reasons:

Players from certain countries typically deposit less money and gamble with lower amounts than others, so knowing which countries you can work with will greatly influence your monthly commissions.

Thanks to the three gambling licenses held by SlotsMillion (UKGC, MGA & Swedish Gambling Authority), we can welcome players from all over the world, except those under the legal age for gambling or those from jurisdictions where gambling and the promotion thereof are illegal.

Please see our terms & conditions for full details.

Check the minimum payment threshold & payment options

Another essential factor to consider is your casino affiliate program’s minimum payment threshold and payment options.


You’re going to want to ensure that the minimum payment threshold (the minimum amount required in your account before you can be paid) is acceptable for you.


Some programs have a €50 minimum, whilst others can range from €500 right up to €1000!


At SlotsMillion Affiliates, our minimum threshold is a very acceptable €100, and we can pay via bank transfer, Skrill or Neteller.

Test out the affiliate management & support

Having access to a prompt and helpful affiliate management team is essential in the casino affiliate world.


Regardless of whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or an experienced casino affiliate, you will need to rely on your affiliate manager to provide quick and helpful service.


Affiliate managers are your direct contact with the casino. They are responsible for managing your account, setting your commission structure and assisting with any promotions or questions you may have.


There’s nothing more annoying than not receiving prompt responses or having poor communication with your affiliate managers. A great way to get an opinion is to test them out before you sign up.


Send them an email and see how long it takes to hear back – and what the level of service is like. Did the affiliate managers answer all your questions? Were they friendly? Did they brush you off and want you to sign up without offering assistance?


At SlotsMillion Affiliates, we have two long-standing and reputable affiliate managers from the iGaming industry who oversee different markets and offer prompt, helpful knowledge of the industry and our casino program.

Discover their affiliate platform & marketing materials

Not every gambling affiliate program operates the same affiliate platform.

While some affiliate programs use their own in-house platforms, the vast majority use NetRefer to manage their affiliates.

NetRefer is trusted by hundreds of online casinos and is considered the leading iGaming affiliate platform in the business.

And it’s for this reason that SlotsMillion Affiliates also uses NetRefer. With powerful marketing tools, real-time performance monitoring, dozens of reports, and not to mention dynamic variables and pixel tracking, you’ll be in complete control of your data and marketing resources.

Talking of marketing resources, another critical factor in being a successful casino affiliate is working with quality high-converting banners and landing pages.

Casino landing pages are consistently more effective in converting new players than driving traffic to the main casino website – but you’ll also need to ensure your website is up to scratch too!

As an affiliate manager, I highly recommend that you reach out to your prospective casino affiliate manager and ask for links to their landing pages so you can test them out for yourself.

Make sure they load quickly, are mobile optimised and that the messaging and information is suitable. You should also be able to ask for feedback on conversion performance for landing pages and banners to get an idea of your potential conversions and commission.

Don’t like the look of their generic landing pages or banners? Ask them if they are willing to create custom material for you – that’s what we offer SlotsMillion Affiliates!

In February 2021, we updated all SlotsMillion casino landing pages for our key markets. All landing pages are available inside your SlotsMillion Affiliates account with live statistics and performance data to boost your commission.

The SlotsMillion casino affiliate program dashboard
The SlotsMillion Affiliates program uses NetRefer

Research the online casino you'll be promoting

Now, this is a big one.


You could have the highest CPA or revenue share deal and the best banners in the business, but unless people trust the casino, you’ll have a hard time making a sale.


The online casino industry is cutthroat, and competition is fierce. There are thousands of casino brands for new players to choose from, and over 450,000 people search for “online casinos” on Google every month.


While it’s great to promote a variety of online casinos, you absolutely must ensure that the casino is reputable, or it could damage your reputation – not to mention your bank account!


Take advantage of casino forums such as CasinoMeister or AskGamblers and hear feedback from real players before you start spending time and money with any casino affiliate program or online casino.

Make sure the casino affiliate program has a solid reputation

In today’s online world, reputation is vital – and even more so when it comes to online casinos & their affiliate programs.


Driving good quality traffic and players to your casino affiliate website is expensive, and working with rouge gambling affiliate programs could have massive financial implications for you.


Therefore, it is essential that you only promote a reputable online casino and that you’re working with a well-respected casino affiliate program.


Due to our affiliate managers’ hard work and dedication, the SlotsMillion affiliates program has received high praise from many affiliates.


Always do your research, read online reviews and forums to ensure that the company you’re potentially partnering with is reliable, transparent and willing to support you as you promote their online casino brand.

So there are my top 9 tips for finding the best casino affiliate programs. I hope this guide has been helpful.


And of course, if you’d like to join the SlotsMillion Affiliates program, you can register here.

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10 months ago

There is some fantastic advice here. It’s great to hear opinions from people in the know about this topic also.
Keep up the good work

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Russell Goodall

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