Marketing And Advertising Guidelines For Affiliates

Updated: April 27, 2021


Welcome to the SlotsMillion Affiliates program. We are very happy to have you on board!

As a licensed online casino operator, with UKGC, SGA and MGA licenses, it is our duty to ensure all promotional and marketing activities respect regulatory requirements and guidelines, which we also require you – as an affiliate who promotes our brands – to follow and comply with.

These guidelines are complementary to the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when signing up as an affiliate and further define what you need to take into consideration when marketing on behalf of SlotsMillion.

Any breach to these guidelines will be considered a breach to our terms and conditions.

In summary, the guidelines below will cover the key areas of regulation and ethical practices, to make sure you have the support and guidance you need to be compliant.

You will also find sources for further guidance under Additional Information.


We expect and require our affiliates to conduct themselves as if they were bound by the same licence conditions and subject to the same codes of practice as SlotsMillion, and to make sure compliance for all types of advertising.

As an affiliate, you are required to provide us with all details of channels / placements where marketing is conducted on behalf of SlotsMillion.

You can only use creatives provided by, or pre-approved by, SlotsMillion.

You are not allowed to publish content relating to our brand/s on websites providing unauthorised access to copyrighted content.

Direct marketing

No direct marketing on behalf of SlotsMillion is allowed unless express approval has been obtained by your affiliate account manager, including but not limited to, SMS, Email and Direct Messaging Apps.


  • Any sendouts must contain an unsubscribe link which would enable the customer to opt-out of receiving any future marketing materials, and a request to unsubscribe should be actioned within a reasonable time frame.
  • Content/text to be sent on behalf of SlotsMillion should be approved in advance by your affiliate account manager.
  • All emails have to clearly state who the sender is and provide a registered address and contact details.
  • SlotsMillion should not appear in the From field, in order to ensure it is clear to the recipient that the email has not been sent by us.
  • You can only send direct marketing to individuals you have obtained valid opt-in (preferably double opt-in) consent from.
  • Affiliates are regarded as data controllers when it comes to the sending of any marketing communications, which means you are responsible for meeting the requirements of data protection laws.

Core values

Social Responsibility

  • Marketing should not contain images or games which are likely to appeal to minors.
  • Marketing can never target minors, have particular appeal to children and/or other vulnerable persons associated with youth culture.
  • Marketing can never feature minors, any person under the age of 18, or who looks under the age of 18 (for UK 25, please see our UK specific section).
  • No SlotsMillion logos and/or branding can ever be seen on material likely to come into contact with, or have particular appeal to children, associated with youth culture and/or other vulnerable persons.
  • Marketing should not target vulnerable groups or other at-risk individuals.
  • Never encourage players to chase their losses, or suggest the odds are in their favor.
  • Marketing should not feature or encourage antisocial or criminal behaviour.
  • Marketing should not use language or imagery connected to gambling addiction, such as mentions of negative emotions; guilt, aggression, frustration or sadness.
  • Offering credits to players is strictly prohibited. Marketing should not make reference to instantly available consumer credit services, or any other ways of providing credit to players.
  • Marketing should not make use of a sense of urgency when encouraging users to play, or imply there is an emergency to gamble.
  • Marketing should not directly or indirectly link gambling to sexual success or enhanced attractiveness.
  • Marketing should not feature themes that directly or indirectly link gambling to toughness, resilience or recklessness.
  • Marketing should not provide an impression that gambling can increase personal or professional qualities, such as improving self-image or create success, admiration and/or recognition.
  • Marketing should not suggest that gambling in any way could provide an escape, from, for example,  personal, educational or professional problems, and/or in any way be a solution to problems.
  • Marketing should not contain material which could be perceived to condone gambling at work, or gambling add odd hours; such as in the middle of the night.
  • Marketing should not promote solitary gambling over social gambling, or suggest that gambling should take priority in life, over friends, family, work etc.
  • Marketing should not contain messages which may disparage the value of effort, work or study, as compared to gaming.
  • Marketing should not give the impression that gambling can be a source of income, a solution to financial problems, a form of financial investment, or a way to repay debts.
  • If displaying an amount spent on a game, or required to be spent in a promotion, it does not not exceed the average / or expected average game play and/or spend of a customer.
  • Marketing should not claim that a product or an offer will only be available for a very limited time in order to elicit an immediate decision.
  • Marketing should not tarnish the goodwill, the image or reputation of SlotsMillion, any regulatory body or any other gaming competitor.
  • The marketing of gambling (games of chance), should not provide an impression that an outcome can be influenced by skill or a particular technique.
  • Marketing should  not provide the impression that winnings are guaranteed, or that it is easy to win.
  • The marketing of gambling has to provide a balanced and realistic impression of the chances of winning and should not downplay the risks attached to gambling.
  • Any marketing featuring a large win by one of The Company’s customers, or any customer within a jackpot network, should be factual and include a date for when it occurred.
  • Marketing should not seek to exploit cultural beliefs or traditions about gambling or luck.

Statements and themes that will not be tolerated, include, but are not restricted to the below examples:

Themes to avoid Examples
Phrases and themes that could link gambling to recklessness or language classically associated with increasing risks of developing gambling problems “highs and lows”, “risk it all”, “go big or go home!
Messages describing deposits and withdrawals as too “quick and easy” ”withdrawals within 5 minutes”, ”superfast deposits / withdrawals
Urgent prompting messages in content/CTAs, such as: Deposit Now, or variations on this theme or in any way suggest that time is running out. “Play Now”, “Start playing now”, “Play immediately”, “Play now!“, “Try your luck”, “Urgent!”, “Hurry”, “Test your luck in our Casino”
Misleading statements regarding the chances of winning, or misrepresenting the element of skill in relation to games of chance. “Can’t lose”, “Get Rich”, “Win Big”, “Your lucky day”, “Guaranteed winnings”, “Road to success”, “Jackpot win coming, you could be next!” “Top 10 strategies to win in the casino”, “risk free” ”This is how they used technique to win”, “The clear way to win”. “The trick to win".
Statements, aimed at rushing the customer into a decision, or considered to be an aggressive promotion technique. “You have won x amount of bonus”, “Only available today!”, “Get rich today”.
Child appealing themes, imagery or any other references to child appealing games. "Pixies of the Forest", "Fluffy Favourites", "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Transformers Battle For Cybertron", "Candilicious", "Piggy Payout" and "Pirate Princess", "Legend of the Fairies" and "Farmania".
Content that encourages repetitive or frequent participation. “Every day of the week, Monday to Friday!
Statements describing a promotion as free when it requires a payment or comes attached with wagering requirements, or as risk free thus trivialising and downplaying the risks connected to gambling. “Risk free bet” ““Risk free” No risk” “Safe bet” “Free deposit bonus”.

Fairness and Transparency

Advertisement of promotional offers:


  • Offers cannot be misleading.
  • All promotions, including large winnings by any of the customers from our brands must be real and truthful.
  • All promotional adverts have to clearly state how to make use of an offer and specify all significant terms such as:

    – You must include a link to the full Terms and Conditions near the CTA easy to see and access; with a maximum of 1 click journey to reach the full Terms and Conditions

    – For any promotional advertisement on behalf of SlotsMillion, we will provide you with a set of required information, essential terms and a link to full terms to be displayed in direct connection with the ad. The link to full terms cannot be more than one click away. You are not allowed to make changes to this information.
  • The term free spins must be replaced with extra spins.
  • All regulatory required information (see jurisdiction specific appendices) has to be clearly and visibly displayed in direct connection to an ad.
  • All promotional adverts have to clearly state how to make use of an offer and specify all significant terms such as:

    – Eligibility: (Restrictions on who can participate, country restrictions, conditions to participate, conditions of exclusion)
    – Payment (Amount / Deposit / wager required to participate)
    – Duration (time restrictions, expiration of the offer, expiration of bonus)
    – Conditions (real or bonus money, wagering requirement, game contribution)
    – Restrictions (max bet amount).
    – Adverts should also contain all additional information such as bonus bet restrictions on certain games, withdrawal limitations and bonus constraints.
  • This regulatory required information, significant terms and link to full terms (1 click away), has to be prominently displayed in direct connection to an ad, above the fold – it cannot be too small, placed vertically, be translucent or in a colour too similar to the background.

Additional guidelines specific to Media channels:

As with Direct Marketing, promotion of SlotsMillion via Media channels including but not limited to Paid Search (Google, Bing etc), Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch etc should not be undertaken without prior written consent from your Affiliate Manager.




  • Be responsible and respectful when streaming. 
  • Do not use coercive or pressure tactics to encourage someone to gamble, do not encourage reckless or risk taking gambling or use peer pressure to encourage someone to gamble more.
  • You must prominently show age warnings (18+) and limit the content to an 18+ audience
  • Do not drink alcohol, or use any other type of addictive substance whilst streaming and in the context of gambling.
  • When advertising an offer, it should be communicated in speech as well as in writing that terms and conditions apply. The significant terms should be visible in connection to the promotion, and full terms one click away. 
  • Individuals taking part in the stream have to be above 18. For streams visible to a UK audience any individual participating or shown in the stream must be over 25 years old. 

Social Media


  • Paid Social campaigns should make use of age-gating/audience targeting in order not to target minors
  • Ad identification for social media ads. In the event social media posts could be mistaken for anything but, they should be clearly and prominently marked with ‘#ad’
  • If advertising any promotional offer the post has to include essential terms, a statement that “T&Cs applies”,  as well as full terms one click
  • The descriptive text of any social media profile, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  must contain the regulatory required information,
MGA UK Sweden
18+ | Please play responsibly | https://www.begambleaware.org/ 18+ | Please play responsibly | https://www.begambleaware.org/ Åldersgräns 18 år | Spela Ansvarsfullt | Stödlinjen.se: 020 81 91 00 |

UK Specific Guidelines

The following guidelines are applicable to any Ads and marketing visible to UK residents, unless these are clearly not intended for the GB market, for example where a language other than English is used.


It is not sufficient, where the material is accessible in English to GB residents, to simply state that an offer is not intended for GB players.


  • Marketing should not feature minors, or any person under the age of 25, and/or who looks under the age of 25.
  • If given written consent to operate biddable marketing channels, audience targeting for the UK should be set at 25+
  • “Free-to-play”, the practice where a game is available to try, is not allowed in advertisement targeted towards, or visible to, UK residents.
  • Marketing should not encourage repetitive or frequent participation.
  • All relevant social media affiliate ads should be clearly and prominently marked with ‘#ad’.
  • Affiliate marketing on behalf of SlotsMillion must include the required regulatory information for UK gambling advertisement:

Sweden Specific Guidelines

For Any Ads and marketing targeting Swedish residents and / or in the Swedish language:


  • Marketing should be moderate, balanced and responsible.
  • Unless SlotsMillion has provided express consent to advertise a Welcome bonus, an affiliate is not allowed to advertise any bonuses, freespins, free bets, cash bonuses, loyalty bonuses, gifts or similar.
  • No advertising of lotteries or prize draws.
  • As agreed in the affiliate terms, an affiliate will undertake responsible gambling training before advertising to Swedish residents.
  • Pop-ups, pop-unders or other framing techniques are not allowed.
  • ‘Takeover’ display ads – where a single ad takes up a clear majority of the visible content on the user’s screen – are not allowed
  • The affiliate needs to avoid a disproportionate focus on winning in ads.
  • Affiliate marketing on behalf of SlotsMillion  must include the  required regulatory information for Swedish gambling advertisement:

MGA Specific Guidelines

For any ads and marketing targeting individuals in relation to our MGA licence: 


  • Any ads/marketing in English should take extra care to avoid exposure to GB residents in combination with clearly stating that the product/offer is not available to GB residents.
  • Affiliate marketing on behalf of SlotsMillion must include the required regulatory information for gambling advertisement under the MGA:

Additional Information

In GB, our Casino Operator Licence is conditioned by the respect of the Licence

code (LCCP) and the UK Advertising Codes written by the Committees of Advertising

Practice (CAP) and regulated by The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).


In Sweden, we are licensed and regulated by the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate (Spelinspektionen), and our advertisement is regulated by the Swedish Marketing Act, the Swedish gambling Act and Ordinance and supervised by the Swedish Consumer Agency.


Under MGA, ads/marketing are mainly regulated by the Gambling Commercial Communications regulations supervised by The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).


It is your responsibility as a marketeer to also comply with any specific laws/regulation that may apply in any other country / jurisdiction.

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