Where can I find the SlotsMillion marketing material?

Updated: February 24, 2021

Accessing the media gallery

You can access all the SlotsMillion media by clicking on Media > Media Gallery.

media gallery

By default, the gallery will show the latest media first.

media gallery default

Filtering the media gallery

The media gallery can be searched using the following criteria:

  • Brands – Please note that only SlotsMillion is available.

  • Languages – This allows the affiliate to search by media language.

  • Sizes – This section has all available media sizes; the search result will return all media of the selected size.
  • Categories – This allows the affiliate to search for media categories, such as: ‘General – poker’, ‘General – Casino’, etc.

  • Types – This allows to refine search results when searching for a particular media type, such as banners or text links.

  • Formats – This allows the affiliate to search for flash, image, HTML5 or video banners.

  • Keyword/s – Media items can be searched by keywords, e.g. football, bonus, etc.

  • Media ID – This allows the affiliate to run a search for a particular media by using its ID.

Filtering by media ID

If you have the media ID number, you can quickly find the media you’re after by following these steps:

Click on the green “filter” button inside the media manager.

SlotsMillion FAQ media ID 1

Then type in the media ID in the opened search box, and press the “+” symbol.

Now press the green “search” button, and your media will be shown.

SlotsMillion FAQ media ID 2
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