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NetRefer Is On Its Way To Alea Affiliates!

Up until now, Alea Affiliates has made use of its in-house platform to manage all affiliation statistics. Our cherished platform has accompanied throughout our growth process and even led us to win the recognition as Best Affiliate Program 2017 by CasinoMeister.

But as our brands and our program continue to grow, so should our resources.

Soon, NetRefer will arrive at Alea Affiliates and offer us en endless and exciting array of possibilities.

We are thrilled about this migration and we want to let you know why you should be too.

Read more to discover everything this powerful marketing platform will bring to the table for everyone involved.

This migration towards the more complete NetRefer platform will be happening very soon, sometime during this final quarter of the year and will be available for both SlotsMillion and LadyLucks. Are you curious to know some of the main features you will be able to enjoy and make use of?

Read along! These include every step of the process and range from media management to action tracking; a complete list of reports features and advanced rewards add-ons.

Some of NetRefer’s add-ons:

Action tracking and pixel firing
✅ Bookkeeping and invoice add-on: which allows affiliates to retrieve downloadable invoices and keep track of their payments
✅ Automated payment gateways
✅ Do you know what automated payment gateways and invoice features translates into? Even quicker payments
✅ Dynamic variables: which allows affiliates to perform more in-depth analysis on campaigns and individual clicks
✅ One of the more interesting features of NetRefer is its long list of reports options, which includes but is not limited to deposit reporting. These reports allow analysis at brand/product level, customer level and affiliate level
✅ Geo-location media: very convenient to create a group of mixed banners that will vary according to the user’s browser location
✅ Advanced Media library: with a number of advanced options to manage and track media
✅ Multi currency add-on: that allows affiliates to select their preferred currency on sign-up
✅ XML-RSS Feeds: which allows the user to upload, edit, and retrieve the invocation code for XML and RSS feeds in the NetRefer system
✅ Affiliates can take the feeds made available by the user from the Affiliate Interface and place them on their Marketing source
✅ Language selection: forget about just English, you will be able to choose your preferred language to navigate the interface.

Finally, NeRefer has been fully optimized for mobile responsiveness. You will be able to keep track of everything on an advanced and user-friendly platform at all times, from wherever you find yourself.

These are just but a few of the many options that will be available for everyone involved with both Alea Affiliates and its brands. So all-in-all, these and the many other features coming our way will create a more advanced environment, that will allow us to establish more advanced communication channels, more advanced tracking and  in-depth reporting.

So we’d like to share with all of you the exciting news that we have already signed the contract to make this a reality. The migration will occur sometime during the final months of the year. We hope now that you are more familiar with all of its amazing features, you are as pumped as we are for this big step up. And worry not, we will keep you posted on the exact date and steps to follow to set everything up.

Stay tuned!

Please contact us if you have any questions about the SlotsMillion affiliate program.

the aff' team.

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